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Air Supply – I’ll Never Get Enough of You

All last night we lay in bed making love I never felt so much before with anyone Never had to say a word It was all right there The warmth inside us flamed and circled everywhere And if I never have another love Well at least I had last night Now I know how the […]

London Grammar – Strong

Excuse me for a while While I’m wide-eyed And I’m so down, caught in the middle I’ve excused you for a while While I’m wide-eyed And I’m so damn caught in the middle And a lion, a lion roars would you not listen? If a child, a child cries would you not forgive them? Yeah, […]

Calvin Harris – Blame ft. John Newman

Can’t be sleepin’ Keep on waking Without the woman next to me Guilt is burning Inside I’m hurting This ain’t a feeling I can keep So blame it on the night Don’t blame it on me Don’t blame it on me Blame it on the night Don’t blame it on me Don’t blame it on […]

Yngwie Malmsteen – What Do You Want

I was carried to you by the hands of my fate Though it was too late I wasn’t the type that believed in true love at first sight You changed it to the right I know what I feel, this is real Give you my body and soul Let your resistance drop Don’t have to […]

Avicii – The Nights

Hey, once upon a younger year When all our shadows disappeared The animals inside came out to play Hey, when face to face with all our fears Learned our lessons through the tears Make memories we knew would never fade One day my father he told me Son, don’t let this slip away He took […]

U2 – Sunday Bloody Sunday

I can’t believe the news today I can’t close my eyes and make it go away How long, how long must we sing this song How long, how long Tonight we can be as one, tonight Broken bottles under children’s feet Bodies strewn across a dead end street But I won’t heed the battle call […]

Klingande – Jubel

Save me, save me, save me Save me You think I don’t laugh oh, Do things I can like so, Why are we losing time I don’t want to get up oh, Bring me what I need so, Why are we losing time It’s like I’ve seen the light But you have never known Save […]