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Lana Del Rey – Cruel World

Share my body and my mind with you, That’s all over now. Did what I had to do, ‘Cause it’s so far past me now. Share my body and my life with you, That’s way over now. There’s not more I can do, You’re so famous now. Got your bible, got your gun, And you […]

U2 – Every Breaking Wave

Tiësto – Footprints

Let’s take a trip to the edge of the night, Where the stars and the sun collide. Don’t wait a lifetime, it’s our turn To put our footprints all over the world. We live forever wherever we go, Leaving footprints all over the world. In this together we’ll never let go. We’ll leave our footprints […]

Andru Donalds – Simple Obsession

What about us As I think about tomorrow With you not in my life? What about love As I try to make it every day I live even though I die I don’t want to go For it’s hard to say goodbye My simple obsession (What about us) (What about us) (What about us) I […]

Hardwell – Young Again (feat. Chris Jones)

When I was a boy I dreamed of a place in the sky Playing in the fields Battling with my shields Bows made out of twine I wish I could see this world again Through those eyes See the child in me In my fantasy Never growing old Will we ever feel young again Will […]

Black Label Society – Stillborn

Blinded, erase what was Stillborn, I have become The feelings I once felt are now dead and gone I’ve waited here for you for so very long So empty, just a shell of a man Stillborn, this I understand The feelings I once felt are now dead and gone I’ve waited here for you for […]

Mazzy Star – Flowers in December

Before I let you down again I just want to see you, in your eyes I wouldn’t have taken everything out on you I only thought you could understand. They say every man goes blind in his heart. And they say everybody steals somebody’s heart away And I’ve got nothing more to say about it […]