Eurovision 2010 Finland: Kuunkuiskaajat – Työlki ellää

14 thoughts on “Eurovision 2010 Finland: Kuunkuiskaajat – Työlki ellää

  1. Too bad.... says:

    It’s a shame…..

  2. a fan of manga says:

    This song makes me feel really happy! I LOVE THIS SONG!!! This song should be at the final. And the group is really cute!
    Greetings from Turkey

  3. That is a pity I couldn’t vote in Eurovision song contest this year (because I am from the Czech republic which didn’t participate this year). Else I would have supported you.. Great song! Thank for that! Finnish is really beautifull language as I could note in some Nightwish’s songs.. You, finnish people are very musical! Thanks for you!;-)

  4. aussie girl says:

    Great happy song should have made to the finals….

  5. Crownless says:

    great song! u should have gone to the finals!
    i cant stop listening to this song…i love finland language!!!

  6. Panagiotis says:

    Very nice and happy song!

  7. ça fait plaisir de voir que défendre sa langue n’empêche pas d’être heureux… c’est ma préférée de cette année

  8. your song makes me happy! 🙂

  9. Official Finnish 2010 Eurovision video clip:

    Kuunkuiskaajat – Työlki ellää

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