Eurovision 2010 Ukraine: Alyosha – To Be Free

18 thoughts on “Eurovision 2010 Ukraine: Alyosha – To Be Free

  1. This song is one of the best I have ever heard for last years.
    eurovision is for 14 years old kids. This song is too good and serious to be there ….

    her lyrics are true and real. If you think its pity …. yes, you right, but you can not just don’t say about it.

  2. Hello from Tashkent.
    I like this song!
    Alyosha super singer!! She has so powerful and beautiful voice!:-)
    I cannot stop listening to it!!:-)

  3. Her style, voice and song are great. Good luck, Ukraine!
    Support from Azerbaijan!:)

  4. Happy birthday Alyosha.Wish you all the best and good luck!

  5. I don’t like this song and it’s pity because Ukraine every year send a good song but this year I don’t know what happened!!

  6. NTU have concluded that the song “To Be Free” does not meet EBU requirements and asked for extension of the deadline to submit a new song to be sung by Alyosha.

    Now Ukraine has until 26th March 2010 to submit a new song to the EBU!

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