Emina Jahovic & Sasa Kovacevic – Jos ti se nadam

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Nisam za grad,
niti za ljude,
kraj ti je takav
kad ga srcem pocinjes.
Dobar je i hlad,
kad sunca nema, najdraza,
samo da cujem
da mi ime spominjes.

Nisi ti kriv
za moje stvari,
samo kad cutim,
tad sam sebi najbolja.
Jos uvjek sam tu,
gdje sam te noci ostala,
al’ voda uvek bjezi
od svog izvora.

A jos ti se nadam,
jos ti se pravdam,
al’ ginemo oboje
da jedno drugo zgazimo.
To ti je ljubav,
tu ti je kazna,
tu je let
i sto smo mislili
da nas je citav svjet,
i sto smo mislili
da nas je citav svjet.

Nisam za smeh,
ni za veselja,
svaki me put
ka tebi vodi ponovo.

Samo bi blesav
stavljao ruku uporno
na isto zariste sto je
kozu spalilo.

English Translation

I Still Look Forward To You

I’m not in the mood for going out
nor for any company
That’s what the end looks like
when you start it with your heart
Shade is good as well
when there is no sun, my dearest,
If I could at least hear
that you are mentioning my name.

My things
are not your fault
Only when I’m silent
that’s when I’m the best for myself
I’m still here
where I stayed that night
But water always runs away
from its source

I still look forward to you,
I still explain myself to you,
But we are both trying hard
to destroy each other.
That’s what love is,
that’s where the punishment is
that’s where the thrill is
and the fact that we thought that the world was ours
and the fact that we thought
that the whole world was ours

I’m not in the mood for laughing
nor for celebrations
Every path
takes me, again, to you.

Only a fool
would persistently put his hand
in the same fire that
burnt his skin.


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