Oliver Mandić – Bobane

Kasno je, znaj
da te opet zavolim,
da takav bol
još jednom sebi dozvolim.

Ti nisi onakva
kakvu sam te
za sebe stvorio
ni zaslužna mnogo
za ljubav
za koju sam se borio

Bobane, eee, eee, napi se

Dugo sam mislio
ljubavi mala
kako da ti kažem
zbogom i hvala
ti ljubav za ljubav
da vratiš nisi znala

I svakoga časa
i svakoga trena
ti htela si samo
da ti budem sena
shvatih na kraju
ti nisi prava žena

English Translation


It is too late, you should know
For me to love you again,
to let myself feel the
pain once again

You are nothing like
the woman I imagined
neither deserving for the love
I was fighting for

Boban,eee,eee, go get drunk

For long I was thinking
my little love of mine
how do I tell you
good bye and thank you
you didn’t know how to
give love for love

And every hour
and every moment
You wanted only
me as your shadow
In the end I understood
You are not a true woman

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5 comments on “Oliver Mandić – Bobane

  1. Saro Saro says:

    Oh really? Didn’t know that thanks :)

  2. bagzi94 bagzi94 says:

    Please, add “j” in “napi se” = “napij se”
    “J” is silent, but it’s not acceptable without it.

  3. Saro Saro says:

    Sorry this song was a little hard to translate XD thanks for pointing out my mistakes ^_^

  4. Spring Spring says:

    Znaj is not the same as znaš, znaj means – you should know (though, “you know” is ok to but just so you know the difference)
    zavoleti – start to love (fall in love)
    da takav bol još jednom sebi dozvolim – to let myself feel the pain once again
    Ti nisi onakva kakvu sam te za sebe stvorio – You are nothing like what I made for myself (You are nothing like the woman I imagined)
    Bobane is the vocative case of the name Boban so, in English translation, it should be just Boban.
    ti nisi prava žena – maybe you are right about this part although he says, literally, something like „you are not a true woman“

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