Goran Karan i Jelena Radan – Kad jesen dodje

Dok ne dodirnem tebe
dok ti ne cujem rijec

nikad smirit’ se necu
dok mi nemirnu dusu
s tvojom ne stave lec’
nikad smirit’ se necu

Dok mi ljubavi voce
ne naraste uz put
dok mi najdraze oci tvoje
ne kazu kud
dok mi drvo zivota
nema boju tvog sna
necu znat’ da zivim ja

Cuvaj me kada jesen dodje
kad su zvijezde hladne
a na usne padne gorko crno grozdje
cuvaj me kada jesen dodje
da ne zadrhtim ako ljubav prodje

Dok sa usana mojih
ti ne okusis most
nikad smirit’ se necu
dok ne prolijes vodu
dok ne pozelis jos

nikad smirit’ se necu

English Translation

When the Autumn Comes

Not until I touch you
Not until I hear your word

I will never rest
Not until they lay my troubled soul
to rest beside you
I will never rest

Not until love fruit
grows beside my road
not until my favorite eyes of yours
tell me where to
Not until my tree of life
gets the colour of your dream
I won’t know whether I’m living

Take care of me when the autumn comes
when the stars are cold
and bitter black grapes fall on (my) lips
Take care of me when the autumn comes
so that I don’t begin to shake if love expires

Not until you taste must
from my lips
I won’t rest
Not until you spill water
not until you wish for more

I will never rest

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