Jelena Tomasevic – Okeani

Jelena Tomasevic new song ~ Lyrics and Video ~ Okeani:
Ide, ide, ide kisa danima ka okeanima. Koga to zanima? Ide, ide, ide zora, nek ide, dugme se otkide, a meni se ne ide..

That is great. I love you guys. I listen to you at home, on my way to work and at work too.
What’s the question again?


Pali vatromet u mojoj glavi,
pohvali, kosu rasutu po travi.
Daire, daire,
i reka izvire

U magdalenama, vatra u venama.

Ide, ide, ide kisa danima
ka okeanima
Koga to zanima?
Ide, ide, ide zora, nek ide,
dugme se otkide,
a meni se ne ide…

hajde, hajde, hej, hej…

Daj mi ruke tvoje dve,
ko munje, gromove,
Dok zivim da te pamtim..

Tekstovi_Jelena Tomasevic

English Translation


Burn the fireworks in my head,
praise, the hair scattered on the grass.
Tambourines, tambourines,
and a river starts…

in magdalens, fire in veins.

Flows, flows, flows the rain for days
towards the oceans
Who cares?
Coming, coming, the dawn is coming, let it come.
a button fell off
and I don’t wanna go…

come on, come on, hey, hey…

Give me your two hands,
like lightnings, thunders.
To remember you as long as I live…

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7 comments on “Jelena Tomasevic – Okeani

  1. MATEJ says:

    Me encanta.

  2. jovana says:

    I love this song

  3. Izabela says:

    Jelena is wonderful. She is a person of a good taste – she choose BEAUTIFUL songs, she wears nice clothes, she has a voice, she is beautiful. She’s got EVERYTHING! The first album is amazing!!!! Just perfect. My beloved song is Kosava:-)

  4. jelena says:

    extra je pesma….

  5. Tijana says:

    Pesma je zaista dobra…jelena ima prelep glas…

  6. Spring admin says:

    Yep she healed the wounds that Marija Serifovic’ created for me by representing Serbia… Jelena is absolutely someone I prefer to show what this country is all about!

  7. sara says:

    mnogu mi se sviga pesnava ! ja obozavam ! jelena je the best

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