Marija Serifovic – Molitva ~ Prayer

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Ni oka da sklopim,
Postelja prazna tera san,
A život se topi

I nestaje brzo, k’o dlanom o dlan.

K’o razum da gubim,
Jer stvarnost I ne primećujem,
Još uvek te ljubim,
Još uvek ti slepo verujem.

K’o luda, ne znam kuda,
Ljubavi se nove bojim,
A dane, žive rane,
Više ne brojim.

Molitva, kao žar na mojim usnama je,
Molitva, mesto reči samo ime tvoje.
(I) Nebo zna, kao ja,
Koliko puta sam ponovila,
To nebo zna, baš kao ja,
Da je ime tvoje moja jedina

Al Bogu ne mogu
Lagati sve dok se molim,
A lažem ako kažem
Da te ne volim

Marija Serifovic - Molitva

English Translation


I can’t close my eyes

Empty bed chases dream away
And life melts
And disappears fast, in the twinkling of an eye

Like I’m losing my mind,
Cause I can’t even notice the real world
I still love you, I still trust you blindly

Like a lunatic, I don’t know where to go
a new love scares me
and days, open wounds
I don’t count anymore

Prayer, like a fire on my lips
prayer, instead of words, your name only
Heaven knows, like I do
how many times I’ve repeated
heaven knows, just like I do
that your name is my only

But I can’t lie to God
lie as long as I pray
and I lie if I say
that I don’t love you


  • anonymous

    i think it’s a very beautiful song & by knowing the meaning of the lyrics it becomes something great.

  • a fan of manga

    JUST A WONDERFULL SONG!!! NOTHING ELSE… Also the meaning is very good too… But not just this one, generally Marija’s songs are great (especially “Bez Ljubavi” it’s my favorite) and I’m a big fan of her!!!

  • a fan of manga

    I memorized whole song. It’s perfect. She deserved to be the winner.
    conguratulations from Turkey

  • nea_nemesis

    A valjda ne mogu onda zaista. 😉

  • Da.. srpski mi je maternji jezik 🙂
    Sa zarezom ili ne, rane nikako ne mogu biti dane
    And I suppose you can’t really expect lyrics to be completely logical

  • nea_nemesis

    Hmph, not until now have I noticed that there is a comma there, but it still seems somewhat odd… Off place there. Don’t know.

    I see your point and I get it, but “my translation” -so to speak- still seems somewhat more logical (to me at least).

  • nea_nemesis

    Wouldn’t it be with a comma then? “A dane, zive rane”? Or more like “A dane i zive rane”?

    Are you a native Serbian speaker?

  • Thanks nea though I disagree there are mistakes – maybe just that you would translate some things differently 🙂
    As for “open wounds”, I do not see your point ❓
    dane (žive rane) više ne brojim. = I don’t count days anymore (because they are like open wounds)
    If she was saying “inflicted wounds”, it would be “zadane rane”

  • nea_nemesis

    One small correction (there are a few tiny non-important ones, but one changes the meaning a little bit, kind of makes it a little confusing maybe):

    the line that originally says “a dane zive rane” actually means “and the inflicted throbbing/open wounds” rather than “and days, open wounds”. It’s just a grammar thing, sounds the same but has nothing to do with each other.

    Great translation, though! I was too lazy to translate it myself, glad I found this, instead of the official English version “Destiny” that doesn’t do any justice to the real lyrics. Thanks!

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