Predrag Zivkovic Tozovac – Ti si me cekala

Oprosti sto sam tvoju ljubav krao,
Oprosti sto ti ljubav nisam dao,
Jer ti si samo pravu ljubav htela,
Jer si me volela.

A ja sam negde rujno vino pio,
A ja sam negde
S’ drugom srecan bio.
A ti, a ti, ti si me cekala.

Bila si zena koja zna da voli,
I kada place i kad srce boli,
Bila si zena koja zna da ceka,
Voljenog coveka.

Na prosle dane uspomena bledi,
Mozda se kajem, sta to sada vredi,
Neka me boli tvoja suza vrela,
Jer si me volela

English Translation

You Were Waiting For me

Forgive me for stealing your love
forgive me for not giving you love
because you only wanted real love
because you loved me

And I was, somewhere, drinking red wine
and I was somewhere
happy with another
and you, and you, you were waiting for me

You were a woman that knew how to love
even when she cried and when a tear hurt
you were a woman that knew how to wait
for the man she loved

Memory of old days fades
maybe I have regrets, that doesn’t mean much now
your hot tear should hurt me
because you used to love me

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