Zdravko Colic – Zvao sam je Emili

Poci cu u sume da je opet trazim
uz tisinu rijeke da je mirno sanjam
i dok mesec sija gledacu u zvijezde
ne bih li je sreo sretnu i daleku
aha, aha, aha

Zvao sam je Emili
u moj je san ko u svoj usla dom
zbog nje se dan pretvorio u noc
i pjesme sve poludjele zbog nje
kao kise prolecne

Zvao sam je Emili
u danima kad voljesmo se mi
od proljeca do kasne jeseni
zbog nje, zbog nje izgubio sam sve
cak i dobre drugove

Zvao sam je Emili

Album_Zdravko Colic - Ti i ja

English Translation

I Called Her Emily

I will go in the woods to look for her again
to dream of her peacefully in the river’s silence
and while the Moon shines, I will watch the stars
hoping to meet her, happy and distant
yeah, yeah, yeah

I called her Emily
she entered my dream like it was her home
Because of her, day turned into night
and, because of her, all the songs have gone crazy
like the spring rains

I called her Emily
in the days when we loved each other
from spring to late autumn
Because of her, I lost everything because of her
even my good friends

I called her Emily

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