Eurovision 2010 Polls

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89 thoughts on “Eurovision 2010 Polls

  1. ONUR İRAK says:

    FINAL RANKING: 1-Estonia 2-Azerbaijan 3-Romania 4-Moldova 5-Iceland 6-Macedonia 7-Turkey 8-Armenia 9-Belarus 10-Denmark 11-Georgia 12-Sweden 13-Albania

  2. I will vote for Spain.Daniel Diges with Algo pequeñito is just the best.

  3. Well, normally I wouldn’t allow it but.. why not! 😉 I voted for Denmark! 😀
    And I hope you voted in all my polls 💡
    Feel free to post a link or two on your blog 😀

  4. Israel is the best this year. I hope to see Tel-Aviv 2011.

    I don’t understand people voting for Moldova. It it way too trashy for a serious contest. I am sorry, but Moldova is quite awful this year.

    Am I allowed to promote the poll from my blog? hope so…

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