Eurovision 2010 Polls

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89 thoughts on “Eurovision 2010 Polls

  1. (* Turkısh Delight (* says:

    and i think this poll is not fair :s

  2. (* Turkısh Delight (* says:

    no no no… OMG very wrong… Armenians must be silenced… Go Turkey!!!

  3. GOOD LUCK, EVA!!! You will win!!!

  4. HI!Eva-you are very beautiful and your voice is fantastic!!!!!!!!You will win!!!!And don’t try to find political roots in our song!!!!!!!!1ARMENIA-EVA-ARMENIANS!!!!!!

  5. Armenians, bravo. are there any Armenians that haven`t voted here? then, invite the rest. i wonder what will you do on the Eurovision nights? ha ha ha you wanna beat Azerbaijan? hahahahahahahaha . Eva and Safura. they even can`t be compared. “you will win, of course”

  6. Eva tu es la meilleure,je tadore you will win………………………………..

  7. (* TuRkIsHGıRl (* says:

    Armenian’s song is good but only the melody… Because the lyrics are very political and It doesn’t reflect reality..Your roots are where you are! Do not look elsewhere!!! If you would like to see under the apricot tree, but in your own country!! understand me??!!I hope that you can not win.. Because if you win, this contest will too political! Sorry, but I need to tell them..

  8. (* TuRkIsHGıRl (* says:

    ❓ how interesting! Turkey is second.. That’s wrong.. 😀

  9. Eva Rivas is great and the song is fantastic!!
    She is going to beat azerbejian!!
    And also she will win.
    Go Eva!!!!!!!!!!!
    Armenia is the best and our song is meaningful not only words that are put together like some others.

  10. armenia mrs RIVAS chansone is very nice specially meaning apricots stone very important interperation
    she is lovely also

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