Eurovision 2010 Polls

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89 thoughts on “Eurovision 2010 Polls

  1. I LOVE ARMENIA! Armenia #1!!!! Go Eva!!!!

  2. Armenia! Armenia! Armenia! Go Eva Rivas! Be the winner!!!! We’re with you!!! No 1!!!!

  3. (* Turkish Delight (* says:

    Go Armenia!!!!!! GO TURKEY!!!!!!! I think armenia will be first and Turkey will be second… Because you deserve it… We Love YOu !!! Kisses from you love your neighbor Turkey!

  4. Հայաստան

    only A R M E N I A !!!!


  5. I’m voting For Eva Rivas….. Viva Armenia ……!!!! We are the best…. We must WIN!!!!…. Eva is the best!!!!

  6. Chris Grigorian says:

    EVA ~ EVA ~ EVA ~ ARMENIA ~ …
    EVA ~ EVA ~ EVA ~ ARMENIA ~ …
    EVA ~ EVA ~ EVA ~ ARMENIA ~ …

  7. ◄ ◄ ◄ A P R I C O T S T O N E ► ► ►

  8. Azerbaidjan spends a lot of oil money for Safura. But I hope that the choice of the winner will be made faily

  9. (* Turkısh Delight (* says:

    Armenia have good song but ı dont want they will be first.. Because Turkey’s song better than Armenia’s song! If Armenia win, ı will be too sad!

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