Marica Ćirović – Sanjam

Dolaziš s toplinom
juga na kragni…
nežnost donosiš.

Kroz prste mi klize cvetovi,
skupljaš ih u dlanove.
Ne daš, da padnu na pod, anđele.

Dajem parče toplog hleba
za med na tvojim usnama.

Stavljaš svoj žig na moju butinu,
da zna se tvoja sam,
od rebra ti stvorena.

Odnosiš trag moga tela
pripijen pod kaputom.
Bujica reči navire.

Korak ti odzvanja
melodijom iluzije.
Ostaje miris poznat, drag,
prah čežnje upleten u kosi.

Iznad mene oreol
tvoje ljubavi stoji, zauvek.

Ljubim te.
Tu sam…

Sanjam, dolaziš.

Marica Ćirović - Sanjam

English Translation

I’m Dreaming

You’re advancing with the warmth
of the south on your collar…
you’re bringing the tenderness.

The flowers are sweeping through my fingers,
you’re gathering them into your palms.
You don’t allow them to fall to the ground, my angel.

I’m offering a piece of warm bread
for the honey on your lips.

You place your mark on my thigh,
so it’s known that I’m yours,
I’m created from your rib.

You take away the trace of my body,
skintight under your coat.
A stream of words gush out.
We’re silent.

Your step echoes
the melody of illusion.
The scent which is dear to me, remains,
the dust of tenderness braided into my hair.

Your love forever remains
above my halo.

I love you.
You’re here…

I’m dreaming, you’re coming.

One thought on “Marica Ćirović – Sanjam

  1. I like the gush word but I think that either the words come pouring out or they simply gush out (the stream goes without saying :D)

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