Jelena Tomašević – Melanholija

Spavam sa njom
mirujem da je ne probudim
suze krenu
ja svaku poljubim
kao da si ti

Prođe na tren
i kad mislim da je prestalo
dođe bol i mrak
i znam nešto je ostalo
taj stari gost
što mi sedi celu noć

Melanholija, melanholija
sa tobom došla je
neka tu i ostane
nikom ne dam je

Lutam sa njom
tamo gde smo nekad sedeli
svi na broju
a mi smo nestali
dragi ja i ti

Kad ljubav nestane
nek’ mi ona ostane
nikom ne dam je

Jelena Tomasevic - Melanholija

English Translation


I’m sleeping with her
I’m sitting still so that I don’t wake her
the tears start to flow
I kiss every single one of them
as if they were you

It goes by in an instant
and when I think it has stopped
the pain and darkness comes
and I know that something is left
that old guest
that has been sitting for the whole night

Melancholy, melancholy
she came with you
may she stay here
I’m not giving her to anyone

I’m wandering with her
over there were we used to sit
everybody else is there
except us
my dear, you and me

When the love disappears
may she stay with me
I’m not giving her to anyone

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