Eurovision 2010 Polls

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89 thoughts on “Eurovision 2010 Polls

  1. (* Turkısh Delight (* says:

    ESC first semi-final last 3 days ::)) Good Luck all the countries in the first semi-final

  2. My favorite song: maNga safura eva rivas. Thats great. but more beatifull than turkey

  3. Azerbaijan and Turkey is best!
    and Armenia 1 st 1st from the end!

  4. Nastradamus says:

    Kafk – AZ , AZerbai – JAN Bakuuuuuuuuuu 2011 , Safuraaaaaaaa DRIP DROP ( INSHALLAH )

  5. From France says:

    Azerbaijan Baku 2011 , 100 %

  6. Serj Sarksian says:

    moi c ‘ est le president d’ armenia et je veux pas qui on gagne en eurovision parce que si on gagne on n’ arrivra pas faire un eurovison en erevan parce que on pas asie budget , sur la tete de ma mere , klinus

  7. My Top 5(There’s no placement, except Armenia)

    5-Armenia(It can be change with another country).

  8. (* Turkısh Delight (* says:

    OMG! My top3 :)) Tuurkey, Azerbaycan and Armenia ::) How interesting!! Really you have great song Armenia.. And my country-Turkey can Win i know, Azerbaijan We love you ı hope you will get good degree 3. not bad.. GOOD LUCK ALL COUNTRİES… and i think Denmark must 4. at least.. :* 🙂

  9. Slovakia <3 my winner

  10. o my god Armenia number 1, i love you the song is great, the text is amazing, o my god. i love yoy i love you, goood luck

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