Google Predictor: Eurovision 2010 Winner Forecast

15 thoughts on “Google Predictor: Eurovision 2010 Winner Forecast

  1. Lena’s song is the most popular on LyricsTranslations as well.

    Most Popular Eurovision 2010 Lyrics (Total number of page views)

    Germany: Lena Meyer-Landrut – Satellite 80,798
    Armenia: Eva Rivas – Apricot Stone 31,581
    Azerbaijan: Safura – Drip Drop 26,462
    Serbia: Milan Stanković – Ovo je Balkan 18,254

  2. The RANKING is invaluable not the popularity of the song.

  3. The ranking is a Google calculation based on popularity in their searches – it doesn’t include information such us – which of them made it through the semifinal.
    Popularity in Google searches is one thing and actual voting is another (especially since 50% jury votes have been included and especially if we take into account that people might like one song and vote for another for entirely neighborly or patriotic reasons 🙂

  4. This ranking is not valuable because Marcin Mroziński can’t be the seventh, Filipa Azevedo can’t be the thirty-eighth

  5. (* Turkish Delight (* says:

    Mee too… Denmark is the best this year.. Where are you from?

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